Do you like fish?

Saturday night
Back in the 90s
Usual places
Same old faces
And I’m waiting
Standing next to
A friend of a friend
So I make small talk
And she tells me I’m 
So predictable
I thought
“OK, give this a go.”
I looked her clean in the eye and asked
“Do you like fish?
As in the thing
Not a food on a dish”
The answer she gave me
Told me she’s a keeper
And I’m a winner
Nearly 30 years on
We’re still together
Though places are different
The faces are still familiar
I win every day
And this is how I know
Because when I ask the very same question
She still says “No”


Clickety Click minus Click
take a second 
make a minute 
last an hour

Click Click Click
take opposition 
make a statement
last one standing

take a sweetie
make some friends
last one’s it

3 times 2 little ducks
take a click
make a memory
last a lifetime